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about us. 

Coffee for the Culture

Café de la Loba is a coffee and tea retailer that serves traditional and culturally inspired beverages. We believe that coffee and tea should be of high quality, sustainable, and celebrate diversity. 

Café de la Loba believes in promoting diversity and inclusion by hiring and serving those who have traditionally been left out of the specialty coffee industry, especially women and people of color.


Café de la Loba demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and fair pricing by purchasing from vendors that buy directly from the farm and ensure its freshness by roasting on-site. 

Our Dirty Dawgz.


Transport yourself to New York City with a New York-style Dirty Dawg. This is not your average hot dog. Any New Yorker can tell you what makes the Dirty Dog special and nostalgic. 


Just like New York, you'll find that our hot dogs and our staff are just as diverse. Our New York Dirty Dog can be topped off with chili, cooked onions, sauerkraut, or whatever your taste buds desire.